How Docker Simplifies Kubernetes for the Masses

Kubernetes has taken the technology industry by storm these last few years. For many organizations, the learning curve for Kubernetes can be steep and organizations can’t build up their skills fast enough. Luckily Docker has always had a history of making the complex easy - first with Linux containers and now with Kubernetes - both in our Desktop and Enterprise platform.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • The innovation Docker has added to Kubernetes to simplify configuration and ongoing operations while still providing a fully conformant Kubernetes environment.
  • How to deploy applications on Kubernetes, manage access controls and multi-tenancy, end-to-end security and improved troubleshooting.
  • Demos that will highlight key comparisons to show you that you don’t have to build it yourself.

Product Manager, Docker

David Yu

David Yu is a product manager at Docker, who focuses on Lifecycle Management, Orchestration, and Storage for Docker Enterprise. He has been with Docker for 3 years, and enjoys working with Docker and GoLang side projects in his spare time!

Senior Software Engineer, Docker

Jean Rouge

Jean is a Senior Software Engineer at Docker and an active contributor in kubernetes and various Docker open-source projects. Most recently he has led the work around GMSA support in Windows on Kubernetes. He's been passionate about DevOps since the beginning of his career: he's worked at Chef and led small DevOps teams at a couple of startups.
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