Docker Tips and Tricks

Length: 50 minutes

Lessons from the experts

Are you ready to accelerate your adoption of Docker containers? Attend this webinar as our experts - Docker Captain, Brandon Mitchell, and Docker Solutions Engineer, Joe Colandro - help you quickly gain a higher level of proficiency with tips and tricks on how to getting the most out of Docker Enterprise.

Topics include managing disk usage, preventing subnet collisions, debugging container networking, understanding image layers, getting more value out of the default volume driver, and solving the UID/GID permission issues with volumes in a way that allows images to be portable from any developer laptop and to production.

Solutions Architect, BoxBoat

Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell is a Docker Captain working as a Solutions Architect for BoxBoat. He can often be found answering questions on Stack Overflow unless the weather is good enough for a bike ride.

Senior Solutions Engineer, Docker

Joe Colandro

Joe Colandro is currently a Senior Solutions Engineer at Docker.
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