Building a Secure Foundation for Your Containers with Docker Engine - Enterprise

Introducing Docker Engine for the Enterprise

At the heart of every container environment is the Docker Engine - the de facto container runtime since 2013 which powers millions of applications around the world. As organizations roll out more mission-critical applications in containers, they need to start thinking about the foundation which this is all built on: Is it secure? Is it stable? How do I get help when I need it?

In this webinar, we'll introduce Docker Engine - Enterprise. This Docker-supported engine provides key new security enhancements including FIPS-validated encryption modules and extended maintenance and support lifecycles that are designed for organizations deploying applications in production. Learn more about why you should consider upgrading to the Enterprise engine.

Director of Product Marketing, Docker

Jenny Fong

Jenny Fong is the Director of Product Marketing at Docker and has over with over 16 years of experience in the technology sector including roles in competitive marketing and applications engineering. Before Docker, she also led Product and Technical Marketing at VMware.
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