Docker Extension Marketplace Submissions

Share your created extensions across the world through the Extensions Marketplace



The Extensions Marketplace is a curated space for developers, enabling discovery and sharing of innovative extensions. While all can contribute, extensions that voluntarily undergo Docker team’s review earn a ‘Reviewed’ label, instilling user trust and security. Those sidestepping review are tagged ‘Not Reviewed’. The review process, a conduit for valuable feedback, requires a completed form for Docker’s consideration.

Before You Submit

Ensure your extension has followed the guidelines outlined in this section before submitting for review. These guidelines help to ensure your extension delivers a great experience for other Extensions users and that the extension approval process goes as smoothly as possible. We highly encourage you to check our guidelines as not doing so may considerably impact the duration of the approval process. These guidelines do not replace our terms of service or guarantee approval. As the Extension Marketplace continues adding new features for both Extension users and publishers, expect that your extension should be maintained over time to ensure it stays available in the Marketplace.


  • Test your extension for crashes, bugs, and performance issues
  • Test your extension with potential users
  • Ensure that you’ve ran our validation checks
  • Review our design guidelines
  • Ensure the UI styling is in line with Docker Desktop guidelines
  • Ensure your extensions support both light and dark mode
  • Consider the needs of both new and existing users of your extension
  • Test your extension on various platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Read our Terms of Service

After You Submit

Once you’ve submitted your extension, here is what you can expect from the review process:

  • Timing: Although we strive for having your submission approved as soon as possible, bear in mind this process may take time to ensure extensions meet high standards. If your extension is complex, if it does not follow our guidelines, or if you did not complete the submission form properly, it may require more time to properly consider your extension.
  • Rejections: Docker strives to review extensions for consideration fairly and consistently. We will do our best to provide adequate and actionable feedback for you so that we can reconsider publishing your extension after you’ve made appropriate changes. If your extension has been rejected, you can communicate directly with us.


We’re excited to see what you create! If you have any questions or need help with your extension, please email us for assistance.