Container Management with Docker Enterprise

Securely manage and operate your containerized applications across hybrid and multi-clouds.

Enterprise container management for operations teams

Docker Enterprise includes the Universal Control Plane - an easy-to-use container management solution with a unified dashboard and portal to help you manage your Docker cluster and applications through a single interface. It provides both a GUI and CLI interface to manage containerized applications from Day 1 to Day n with automated lifecycle management capabilities, policy-based governance models, and dashboards and logs to help monitor and troubleshoot your environment.

The Universal Control Plane makes it simple to integrate Docker containers and Kubernetes with existing IT systems and processes while helping organizations scale the platform across multiple teams and projects.

Industry-Leading Container Management

Scalable operating model

Organizations can leverage the same unified operating model to support different teams and projects, making it easy to quickly adopt new technologies and scale to support many applications per admin.

Run any app, anywhere

The only container management software designed to support any type of application - legacy and modern, monolithic, microservices, and cloud-native, Windows and Linux - and run them on-premises or in the cloud.

Intrinsic security

Docker Enterprise is secure by design, offering multiple methods to manage authentication and authorization, and providing transparency through audit logs and automated compliance assessments.

Key Features and Capabilities

Centralized cluster management

Join up to thousands of physical or virtual machines together to create a container cluster that supports your applications at scale. Manage all of the computing resources you have, like nodes, volumes, and networks from a centralized place.

Monitor container and cluster status

The built-in dashboards allow you to monitor the health status of your clusters, nodes and containers and allow for faster troubleshooting of issues as well as early identification of emerging issues.

Run Swarm and Kubernetes interchangeably

Docker Enterprise supports the ability to run both Swarm and Kubernetes in the same cluster. You can set each node to operate with a certain orchestrator or in certain cases, run them in mixed mode.

Secure access controls

The Universal Control Plane can be integrated with corporate LDAP or Active Directory systems. It also supports SAML 2.0 authentication and PKI certificate-based authentication.

Advanced auditing and logging

Detailed logs capture users, actions, and timestamps for a full audit trail of all operations. Logs can be integrated with common third-party logging tools such as Splunk or ELK for deeper analysis.

Automated Lifecycle Management

Simplify cluster operations with automated tools for installation, upgrades, backup, restore, scaling up and down. Solution works with various underlying platforms including AWS, Azure and vSphere.

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