Docker Announces Docker Desktop Enterprise

New desktop application provides developers and IT the easiest, fastest and most secure way to deliver containerized applications from development to production

BARCELONA –DockerCon- December 4, 2018 – Docker, today at its European user conference announced Docker Desktop Enterprise, a new desktop product that is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to deliver enterprise production-ready containerized applications. With Docker Desktop Enterprise for Windows and Mac, developers can work with frameworks and languages of choice while IT can securely configure, deploy and manage developer environments that align to corporate standards and practices. This enables organizations to rapidly and securely deliver containerized applications from development to production.

As businesses drive digital transformation and cloud initiatives, they are turning to enterprise-grade container technology and container platforms that provide the greatest choice, agility and security for their application needs. Docker Desktop Enterprise delivers productivity features that make it easy to build containerized applications regardless of the application framework, language or dev process. Up until now, keeping the developers’ systems in sync with the production environment and application architecture standards has been a challenge, reducing overall productivity and increasing time to deployment. Docker Desktop Enterprise gives developers the freedom to innovate while enabling IT organizations to apply approved and secured development standards that integrate seamlessly with the development cycle, shrinking time to productivity and time to deployment.

“The success of Docker Desktop among developers has been that it is the best and easiest way to run a Docker Engine and tooling with popular orchestrators like Kubernetes,” said Scott Johnston, Chief Product Officer at Docker. “Customers came to us because they wanted a way to scale Docker Desktop across an enterprise-class environment with the additional security, standardization and management needed for delivering applications across the dev to ops lifecycle. Docker Desktop Enterprise enables organization to address corporate standards while providing an environment that fosters developer productivity.”

Simplified and flexible development environment for production-ready containerized applications

Nearly 1.4 million developers use Docker Desktop every single day because it is the easiest way for container-based development. Developers have been drawn to the simplicity of the solution that reduces complexity while still providing powerful functionality. Docker Desktop Enterprise provides a one-click installation and setup of a complete environment that includes Docker Engine with Swarm and Kubernetes orchestrators right on the desktop. The simple installation package handles all configuration so no additional software or manual virtual machine setup is required.

Developers also have the flexibility to use GUI-based workflows to auto-generate Docker artifacts or use the Docker Command Line Interface (CLI). Docker Desktop Enterprise integrates easily with the developer tools of choice including existing IDE tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and more. 

Application templates preserve innovation while providing secure development standards

A key component of Docker Desktop Enterprise is the ability to leverage company-provided application templates that enable developers to start coding quickly with the reassurance that the application meets architectural standards. IT organizations can provide a governance model that improves reliability and security without infringing on the developer’s ability to rapidly and continuously innovate using pre-approved application templates. With Docker Desktop Enterprise, IT can implement consistent security practices across the software supply chain that integrates with Docker Enterprise role-based access controls and image verification.

Enterprise manageability reduces friction and accelerates time to production

Docker Desktop Enterprise enables IT to configure, deploy and manage Docker Desktop Enterprise environments across distributed developer teams with preferred endpoint management tools using standard MSI and PKG formats. All settings can be optionally locked via policy files and modified with standard desktop administration tools without additional developer setup or manual configuration, enabling IT to put controls in place to prevent users from making unsafe configuration choices. 
Docker Desktop has Docker Engine and Kubernetes built-in and with the addition of swappable version packs that instantly replicate production environment configurations on the local desktop. This gives users the ability to synchronize the desktop development environment with the same Docker API and Kubernetes versions that are used in production with Docker Enterprise. With Docker Desktop Enterprise, organizations can reduce developer friction and compatibility issues and accelerate time-to-production with fully compatible production-ready environments.

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