Docker announces the appointment of Robert Enslin to its Board of Directors

San Francisco –September 7, 2017 – Docker  today announced that Rob Enslin, president of SAP’s Cloud Business Group and Member of the SAP Executive Board, has been appointed to Docker’s Board of Directors. Enslin brings over 25 years of experience in building, scaling and running a global enterprise software company. As a member of Docker’s board, Enslin will help guide and accelerate Docker’s business growth as it delivers a new generation of container platform tools and technologies to enterprise customers.

Docker is the world’s leading software company for building, securing, and managing applications and services on a global open container platform. Customers using its flagship Container platform offering, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), are realizing the benefits of reducing the cost of their existing application portfolios by more than 50%, while also leveraging the Docker platform to build and manage a new generation of applications and services.

Commenting on the appointment, Docker Chairman & CEO, Steve Singh, said, “At Docker, we have an enormous immediate opportunity to help businesses modernize their traditional applications. Rob’s experience brings unparalleled contributions to the board and will help drive customer acquisition and open up new markets. His knowledge of the Global 10K market and what it takes to support and grow to meet the needs of this market is unparalleled. I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Rob at SAP and am proud to work alongside a colleague who is not only a visionary, but also shares the principles and ideals that align with our company values.”

Docker is already delivering value to customers, with hundreds of Global 2000 companies, including ADP, Intuit and MetLife, using Docker EE to modernize their legacy applications, optimize infrastructure and embark on the path for creating next-generation microservices. In addition, new offerings such as Docker’s Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program, are designed to meet the strong demand from enterprise customers interested in an easy, seamless way to containerize legacy applications; making them more secure, more efficient and portable across all infrastructure – all without touching the source code.

“Docker’s unique value proposition solves the age-old challenge CIOs have struggled with for years – driving innovation for the business while also tasked with maintaining diverse application and infrastructure environments that are still critical to the business.” said Robert Enslin, President, Cloud Business Group for SAP. “It is a privilege to work again with Steve and I look forward to spending time with his team on go-to-market strategies and end-to-end business processes that will drive and support the adoption of Docker’s platform, globally.” 

Throughout his tenure at SAP, Enslin has demonstrated an ability to build strong, customer-centric sales and marketing organizations to engage the CIO and IT leaders at some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. As a member of the Executive Board, Enslin is responsible for providing direct input into the company’s extensive solution portfolio to scale and drive SAP’s long-term business strategy. Prior to his current role, Enslin was COO and SVP of Fast Growth Markets at SAP, where he was responsible for developing operations in India, Turkey, Brazil, China and other emerging-market countries. 

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