Docker and HPE

HPE and Docker Partner to Drive Adoption of Containerized Applications in a hybrid IT environment.

Accelerating Modern Application Architectures in Enterprise Datacenters

Businesses require a hybrid infrastructure that supports the continuous delivery of new applications and services—quickly and cost-effectively. Now it is easier than ever for business to build, ship, run distributed applications in a hybrid IT environment with Docker and HPE.

HPE Docker ready Servers

Docker and HPE have partnered to help businesses transform and modernize their datacenters with HPE Docker ready servers - a hybrid infrastructure solution that is configured for Docker containers, fully supported by HPE and backed by Docker.

HPE Docker ready servers give businesses the ability to achieve a highly available, secure, scalable infrastructure that are configured and tested for Docker container environments. These systems bundled with Docker Engine and support right out of the box, help businesses easily get started with Docker and quickly move distributed applications into production.

HPE Docker Ready Servers are:

  • Configured and tested for Docker container environments
  • Pre-installed with Docker's commercially supported Engine
  • Easily upgrade to Docker Datacenter for production environments
  • Fully supported by HPE and backed by Docker

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    Docker HPE Reference Architectures and Integrations

    HPE and Docker provide hybrid solutions that enable the migration of traditional applications to the cloud including:

    1. HPE Converged Architecture 700 (CA700) Reference Architecture
    2. Docker Integrated Monitoring with HPE Sitescope
    3. Docker Network Plugin for the HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN)
    4. Docker Volume Plugin for the Flash-optimized HPE 3PAR StorServ
    5. Docker Integrated API in HPE OneView
    6. HPE Linux Docker support
    7. Additional Integrations with HPE's extensive enterprise management tools

    Additional Resources

    To learn more about Docker's Containers-as-a-Service platform and how they can enable a modern application environment for your business, check out these resources:

    1. View the Docker 101 Webinar
    2. Blog: Containers are not VMs
    3. Blog: Containers and VMs together
    4. Blog: To Use Physical Or To Use Virtual: That is the container deployment question
    5. Read the Containers as a Service white paper
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