Docker and HPE

HPE and Docker Partner to Drive Adoption of Containerized Applications in a hybrid IT environment.

Why choose HPE and Docker

Our Solutions

HPE delivers engineered solutions that are validated and tested to help your enterprise leverage the benefit of Docker: Agility, Choice and Cost Savings through a common platform for traditional and containerized workloads.

HPE’s Docker solutions deliver the following:

  • Leverage the latest innovations in computing, leveraging HPE unique hardware security features
  • Deliver Docker solutions across its portfolio of products from Synergy’s Software Defined Infrastructure to Simplivity’s leading edge hyper-converged architecture to standard servers

HPE also offers a team of specialists and practitioners to guide you along your container journey.

HPE Solutions for Docker

Docker Containers as a Service (CaaS) on HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure

Docker Containers as a Service on HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure is a complete solution from HPE that includes all the hardware, software, professional services, and support you need to deploy a CaaS platform, allowing you to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

The solution takes the HPE Synergy infrastructure and combines it with Docker’s enterprise-grade container platform, popular open source tools, along with deployment and advisory services from HPE Pointnext.

  • Modernize applications – Customers can now improve release speed, portability, and agility for enterprise applications
  • Datacenter consolidation – run you container and none container applications on the same platform to ease operational costs
  • Speed up DevOps – Provide a container infrastructure that can meet the rapid provision demands of their developers
  • Simplify container operations – Reduce the complexity of standing up and managing a production-ready container environment.

HPE Synergy Customer Resources:

  • Docker on HPE Synergy Deployment Guide and Playbooks
  • Video: Docker CaaS on HPE Synergy
  • Customer Presentation: Enterprise CaaS with Docker on HPE Synergy

  • HPE Express Containers and SimpliVity

    HPE Express Containers with Docker Enterprise Edition on HPE SimpliVity is a complete solution from Hewlett Packard Enterprise that includes all the hardware, software, professional services, and support you need to deploy a Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform on an enterprise-grade hyper-converged infrastructure.

    HPE SimpliVity Customer Resources:

  • Playbooks: Express Container Deployment Guide on Github
  • Webinar: Go from zero to Docker with HPE’s Express Containers Solution
  • Customer Presentation: Kick CaaS with HPE Express Containers
  • Solution Brief: Three Reasons Why You Should Run Docker on HPE

  • Reference Architectures/Configurations and Solutions

    The following technical white papers provide you with additional information to learn more about HPE and Docker offerings:

    PointNext Services

    Let PointNext help you move to the hybrid cloud in an automated, flexible and consumable way with cloud agility.

    Build a flexible container platform with a pay per use model with HPE GreenLake Flexible Capacity.

    Learn more

    HPE Storage and Docker

    Containers are not just meant for ephermal usage. Businesses require data to be persistent and managed. HPE offers a complete line of storage solutions that have been certified and tested to work with Docker. From high-performance SSD storage arrays to large scale-out storage arrays, HPE can provide storage for even the most critical workloads including containerized databases.

    HPE volume plugins have been certified by Docker and listed as verified on Docker Hub:

  • HPE Nimble Storage Docker Volume Plugin
  • HPE 3PAR Volume Plugin for Docker