Subscription Services

For each Software Subscription that you purchase, Docker provides you one or more of the following benefits:

  • Access to the Software.
  • Access to updates, upgrades, corrections, security advisories and bug fixes for the Software, if and when available.
  • Access to Docker support for issues relating to Software as described below.

1.1 Definitions

"Supported Platforms" means the platforms that are listed on this support page

"Support Contact(s)" is a person authorized by you to open support requests and/or contact Docker support personnel

"Supported Software" means the Docker or third party software identified on the Order Form as software for which Docker or its authorized resellers agree to provide Subscription Services to Customer. For purposes of clarity, Supported Software may include Licensed Software and/or identified versions of Open Source Software with respect to which Docker agrees to provide updates, patches and hotfixes to the customer.

"Major Releases" (X.y.z) are vehicles for delivering major and minor feature development and enhancements to existing features. They incorporate all applicable Error corrections made in prior Major Releases, Minor Releases, and Maintenance Releases.

"Minor Releases" (x.Y.z) are vehicles for delivering minor feature developments, enhancements to existing features, and defect corrections. They incorporate all applicable Error corrections made in prior Minor Releases, and Maintenance Releases.

"Maintenance Releases" (x.y.Z) are vehicles for delivering Error corrections that are severely affecting a number of customers and cannot wait for the next major or minor release. They incorporate all applicable defect corrections made in prior Maintenance Releases.

1.2 Software Access and Software Maintenance

Software Access and Software Maintenance are generally provided to you through a Docker-hosted delivery mechanism such as the Docker Hub.

During the life cycle of Supported Software, the scope of Software Maintenance and Support evolves and, after a period of time, we discontinue Software Maintenance and Support for older versions of Software. The details of the Software Maintenance life cycle for specific Docker products, including Major, Minor and Maintenance release schedules, are set forth on this support page

1.3 Support from Docker.

To access and use Support, you must provide Docker with sufficient information to validate your entitlement to the relevant Support. The scope of the Support is based on the level (for example, Email Support, Business Day Support or Business Critical Support) and type of Subscription Services you purchased.

We do not provide support for Software that (a) you (or a third party) have modified or recompiled, (b) is running on a platform that is not Supported Platform. You are responsible for testing the Software before deploying it in your environment. You should also backup your systems on a regular basis and have those backups available if needed for support purposes.

Docker will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support in accordance with the guidelines shown in Table 1.5 below.

Support is provided in the English language. Docker's Support telephone numbers and local standard business hours ("Standard Business Hours") are listed on this support page

1.4 Support from Docker Authorized Business Partner.

Some customers obtain support for their Supported Software from a Docker Authorized Business Partner, in which case the Business Partner provides support to you and not Docker. Sections 1.5 - 1.8 apply to you only if you have purchased Subscription Services provided by Docker. If you have purchased Subscription Services with support provided by a Business Partner, Sections 1.5 – 1.8 do not apply to you and you should work with your Business Partner to obtain support services.

1.5 Service Level Guidelines.

Support is available in one or more of the following support levels, depending on the Docker Product: Email Support, Business Day Support or Business Critical Support, as shown in the table below.

After the Initial Response, Docker will provide status updates on the issue until (i) the issue is resolved; (ii) the issue is downgraded to a lower Priority Level (in which case status updates will be provided in accordance with the update guidelines applicable the new Severity Level); or (iii) the parties agree on an alternative update schedule.

Docker support services levels can be found here.


1.6 Support Contacts For the Software Subscriptions.

You may contact Docker through your designated Support Contacts. You may designate up to the number of contacts described in Table 1.5 based on the number of Email, Business Day and Business Critical Support Software Subscriptions you have purchased. We will provide Subscription Services to you solely by communicating during the Hours of Coverage with the individual Support Contact(s) you appoint. For Business Critical Support, in order to receive 24x7 coverage for Severity 1, you must provide a dedicated point of contact who will be available until the issue is resolved.

You may change your designated Support Contacts by notifying us in writing and giving us five business days to process the change. The Support Contacts should have "read and write" access to the necessary files, English language communication skills and relevant technical knowledge.

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