Professional Certification

This information is designed to assist Docker Certified individuals in the correct use of the logo associated with the Docker Certified Associate certification (“Docker Certification Mark”). These guidelines must be followed when using the Docker Certification Mark. Failure to abide by these guidelines and/or the Docker Certification Program Agreement governing our Certification program will result in revocation of all usage rights.


Docker authorizes use of the Docker Certification Mark for the Docker Certified Associate Level in accordance with the rules set forth below:
Docker Certification requires meeting specific certification requirements, including passing a Docker certification exam. Only individuals who have been certified by Docker are allowed to use Docker Certification Mark.
Docker Certification Mark may only be used in connection with you presenting yourself out as certified as Docker Certified Associate.
This Docker Certification Mark is nontransferable.
Docker Certification Mark must be used and reproduced in accordance with this Docker Certification Logo Usage Guidelines.

  • Docker Certification Mark may only be reproduced from approved artwork, and may not be recreated by any other means, in any other form, or altered in any way, including the use of unapproved taglines, abbreviations or translations.
  • Docker Certification Mark must never be used to portray Docker products and/or services in a negative way.
  • Docker Certification Mark may not be combined with any other symbols, including words, other logos, icons, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, or any other design elements.
  • Docker Certification Mark should not be used to imply or suggest:
  • That you have achieved a level of certification that you have not achieved or do not currently have;
  • That any partnership, joint venture or other relationship exists between you and Docker;
  • That Docker recommends or endorses your services.
  • You shall make any revisions respecting the Docker Certification Mark in such materials that Docker may request.

Your acceptance of Docker Certification Mark indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of these Guidelines and reconfirms your acceptance of the Docker Certification Program Agreement. Docker reserves the right to change these guidelines and the nature of this program at its own discretion.

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