Adding Kubernetes support in the Docker platform

The Docker platform is getting support for Kubernetes. This means that developers and operators can build apps with Docker and seamlessly test and deploy them using both Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

We’re adding Kubernetes support in both Docker Community Edition on the desktop for developers using Windows and macOS, and in Docker Enterprise Edition. The bulk of the Kubernetes integration work happens in the open in the Moby Project.

Docker Enterprise Edition [EE]

Integrated Swarm and Kubernetes orchestration in a single cluster

Docker EE is the enterprise container management and security platform for the entire container lifecycle. By adding Kubernetes support, IT teams get more options for container scheduling and orchestration. The next version of Docker EE will set up a single environment with both Swarm and Kubernetes on the same cluster and provide choice of orchestrator at deployment time. All applications on Docker EE benefit from the single, secure software supply chain and secure-by-default cluster architecture.


Docker Community Edition for Mac and Windows

Build apps for Swarm and Kubernetes on your desktop

Docker CE for Mac and Windows are easy-to-use tools for setting a complete container development environment on your workstation. Both rely on platform-native hypervisors and automatically update to the latest version of Docker.

We’re adding Kubernetes to Docker for Mac and Windows to give developers a simple and fast way to build and test Kubernetes apps locally with the latest and greatest Docker.

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Moby Project

Contribute to the community

Docker and Kubernetes have long relied on a rich set of shared components and open source projects. We’ll work with the Moby and Kubernetes projects to expand Kubernetes-related efforts like containerd, cri-containerd, LinuxKit, Notary and libnetwork.
Moby Project