Docker Subscription with IBM

IBM and Docker offer integrated container solutions that can meet the diverse needs of enterprises. Supporting the creation and deployment of multi-platform, multi-container workloads across hybrid infrastructures, IBM and Docker accelerate application delivery and enable application lifecycle management for Dockerized containers. This includes:

  • Commercial software and support – IBM is the only Docker authorized support partner offering level 1 and level 2 support for Docker Subscriptions. IBM provides enterprise-grade support required for production environments including the option for business-critical, 24x7 support.
  • Process automation and integration - to define, wire and automate complex multi-container deployments and integrate them into DevOps environments
  • Environment and configuration management - to manage versions and snapshots through the delivery stages (development, test, production) and orchestrate container workloads
  • Security approvals and notifications – to manage and control user permissions, quality gates and inform stakeholders of deployment actions
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Docker Subscription for IBM

Designed to help you deploy and support your distributed applications throughout the entire lifecycle, this package includes:

  • Docker Trusted Registry: Dedicated image store and distribution service deployed behind your firewall
  • Docker Engine: Push/pull images, build and run containers
  • IBM Level 1 and 2 support
  • Integrated with UrbanCode Deploy for integrated release management
IBM Relationship with Docker

Docker Trusted Registry

Docker Trusted Registry is available as a bundle inclusive of Docker Engine and commercial support subscription with varying support tiers that match your application SLAs. The Docker Subscription is available as a free 30 day trial, monthly or annual subscription. View Plans and Pricing. 

Solution Overview

Run enterprise Docker on-premises, off-premises & in hybrid environments

Accelerate Application Delivery

Docker with Urban Code

  • Commercially supported Docker Engine and Docker Trusted Registry
  • Control and secure images behind firewall
  • Support on pLinux & vLinux via open source

Public Cloud Portability

Docker on SoftLayer

  • Commercially supported Docker Engine and Docker Trusted Registry via BYOL
  • Dedicated bare-metal infrastructure in 40+ data centers world-wide

Application Extensibility

Docker with IBM Bluemix

  • Push & pull images from Docker Trusted Registry
  • Hosted container services with private image repository

Frequently Asked Questions

How are IBM and Docker working together?

Docker and IBM continue to work together around open standards and open technology. In the area of commercial offerings, IBM resells Docker Subscription and provides level 1 and level 2 support. 

What is Docker Trusted Registry and what is the significance of IBM’s reseller agreement with Docker?

Docker Trusted Registry brings the capabilities of Docker Hub on premises. It enables customers to create a private image repository of Docker images behind their firewall.

IBM is Docker’s lead with partner to bring containers to production. Together, Docker and IBM bring hybrid cloud portability to production applications

     • Docker Trusted Registry and IBM UrbanCode enable multi-platform and multi-container deployments to hybrid clouds

     • Docker Trusted Registry and IBM PureApplication help speed application deployments by including Docker containers as part of PureApplication patterns

     • Docker Trusted Registry comes with IBM’s world class level 1 and level 2 support that is critical for production environments 

Does Docker Trusted Registry integrate with the IBM Containers on Bluemix, the hosted container service that is also based on Docker?

Yes. Trusted Registry and IBM Containers on Bluemix can both share (via push/pull commands) the same container images, thereby enabling workload portability across hybrid environments.  

Does IBM resell Docker Trusted Registry worldwide?

The DTR reseller agreement with IBM is currently in place for North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.    

Does Docker run on pLinux and and zLinux?

Yes, the Docker open source solutions can run on pLinux and zLinux. However, commercial support for these platforms are not yet available.  

How does IBM add value to Docker Trusted Registry over and above what Docker provides natively?

IBM’s added value is in three key areas:

1. Integration with UrbanCode. Docker Trusted Registry is a great complement to IBM UrbanCode by enabling multi-platform, multi-container deployments to hybrid clouds. As part of a DevOps implementation, customers can now coordinate and automate the deployment of multi-container application across different stages of the delivery pipeline, as well as manage promotions, approvals, and inventory. A no-charge plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy integrates with Docker Trusted Registry and pulls images from the Docker container registry. In addition, IBM UrbanCode Build enables continuous integration of changes to Docker images. 

2. Integration with PureApplication. Docker Trusted Registry also works with IBM PureApplication and helps speed application deployments by including Docker containers as part of PureApplication patterns.

3. Supported by IBM. In addition to being Docker’s lead partner for DTR, the offering comes with IBM’s world class support. This provides clients with a higher level of support necessary for most production environments.

How are Docker containers and PureApplication Patterns similar or different?

Docker containers can be components within a PureApplication pattern. By using the PureApplication System Pattern Builder, a customer can include and configure Docker containers in a pattern. You can then build, deploy and run patterns with Docker containers on PureApplication System, Service and Software. Docker containers can then be included in PureApplication’s enterprise-grade lifecycle management capabilities. PureApplication can also deploy as a shared service a private Docker registry pattern.

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