Docker for CentOS Distribution

Docker for CentOS distribution is the best way to install the Docker platform on CentOS distribution based Linux environments. Simplify provisioning and setup of Docker and accelerate your time to value in building and deploying container based applications.

Docker for CentOS distribution is available for free Community Edition (CE) and as a subscription in Enterprise Edition (EE) and can be installed on bare metal or cloud infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation and setup of an optimized Docker environment for CentOS distribution on bare metal servers and VMs
  • Latest Docker platform version with built in orchestration (clustering and scheduling), runtime security, container networking and volumes
  • Docker CE is available as a free download with a monthly Edge or quarterly Stable release with community support
  • Docker EE subscription includes a quarterly release with one year of maintenance per version and enterprise class support with SLAs
  • Docker EE subscription tiers include Docker Trusted Registry and Universal Control Plane for integrated lifecycle management and security of users, clusters and containers in production environments.
  • Docker EE for CentOS distribution available as tested and validated Certified infrastructure.
  • Certified Container and Plugin vendors provide cooperative support and assurances for Docker EE environments.

Get started

  • Available in Basic, Standard and Advanced tiers with Business Day or Business Critical support from Docker and Docker Authorized Partners.

    Pricing plans start at $750 per node per year

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