Docker for Azure

Docker for Azure is an integrated, easy-to-deploy environment for building, assembling, and shipping container applications on Microsoft Azure. As a native Azure application, Docker for Azure is optimized to the underlying Azure IaaS services and does not require any software to be installed.

Get started with Docker in a few clicks with just a browser and an Azure account. Docker for Azure provisions a Docker cluster secured end to end with TLS by default, and is integrated with Azure VM Scale Sets for autoscaling, Azure Load Balancer and Azure Storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Latest Docker platform version with built in orchestration (clustering and scheduling), runtime security, container networking and volumes
  • Available in Community and Enterprise Editions to support a variety of needs and use cases
  • Familiar Azure admin user experience to deploy a standard Docker platform optimized for Azure infrastructure
  • Deeply integrated with the underlying Azure infrastructure to leverage native infrastructure capabilities without additional configuration
  • Secure and easy-to-manage Azure network and instance configuration
  • Simple access and management using SSH
  • Quick and secure deployment of websites with auto-provisioned and auto-configured load balancers
  • Built-in diagnose tool dumps swarm-wide diagnostics to Docker support to diagnose and troubleshoot Docker EE for Azure
  • Configurable ephemeral instance root disk size and type to hold images, containers and volumes

Get started

  • Community Edition (CE)

    Docker CE for Azure is available at no additional cost to your Azure environment.

    Launch Template from Docker Store
  • Enterprise Edition (EE)

    Docker EE for Azure is available from the Azure Marketplace for an hourly fee billed monthly in addition to your Azure costs. The subscription fee includes Docker EE with Business Day support. Docker EE for Azure is $0.119 per node hour and billed directly through the Azure Marketplace.

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