Docker for AWS

Docker for AWS is the simplest way to install, configure and maintain Docker on AWS. Setup is quick and done with a CloudFormation based template, and updates for new Docker versions are installed with AWS Stack updates.

Docker for AWS is tightly integrated with the Amazon infrastructure to deploy a secure Docker cluster spread over multiple availability zones, provision and auto-configure loadbalancers and send logs to AWS CloudWatch. The result is a high-performance, standard Docker deployment that lets you build, ship and run portable apps in the cloud.

Features and Benefits

  • Latest Docker platform version with built in orchestration (clustering and scheduling), runtime security, container networking and volumes
  • Available in Community and Enterprise Editions to support a variety of needs and use cases
  • Familiar AWS admin user experience to deploy a standard Docker platform optimized for EC2 infrastructure.
  • Deeply integrated with the underlying EC2 infrastructure to leverage native infrastructure capabilities without additional configuration.
  • Integration to AWS CloudWatch of container logs for inspection and analysis.
  • Built-in diagnose tool dumps swarm-wide diagnostics to Docker support to diagnose and troubleshoot Docker EE for AWS.
  • Configurable ephemeral instance root disk size and type to hold images, containers and volumes.

Get Started

Select the Docker for AWS edition that is right for you.

  • Community Edition (CE)

    Docker CE for AWS is available at no additional cost to your Amazon EC2 environment.

    Launch CE from Docker Store

    Docker for AWS works fully within the AWS free tier, giving you the ability to try it out at no cost by creating a 1-manager and 1-worker swarm.

  • Enterprise Edition (EE)

    Docker EE for AWS is available from the AWS Marketplace for an hourly fee billed monthly in addition to your AWS EC2 costs. The subscription fee includes Docker EE with Business Day support. Docker for AWS is $0.119 per node hour.

    Launch EE from Docker Store

    Learn more about Docker Business Day Support