Leveraging Docker Enterprise to Empower Students Across 60 Higher Education Institutions

Wiley Educational Services supports over 600 online programs for its 60 higher education customers with Docker Enterprise.

Wiley Leverages Docker Enterprise to Empower Students by Delivering Services Faster


Wiley’s core service, built on a single instance CMS and database, couldn’t scale to meet the growing demand from over 60 higher education institutions. A multi-day service outage prompted Wiley to search for a better way.


Wiley Education Services leveraged Docker Enterprise to containerize and modernize a monolithic CMS into individually updatable services for each customer.


Wiley was able to shorten its software delivery cycle, drastically reducing the time to publish marketing websites for students. With Docker Enterprise, Wiley can scale to meet the demands of its higher education partners.

Wiley by the Numbers

Online Educational Programs Supported

Higher Learning Institutions Served

in Annual Revenue

“Docker has enabled us to make good on our mission at Wiley by reducing the amount of time that it takes for us to publish our marketing websites and get them out there to help empower students.”

Blaine Helmick

Senior Manager, Systems Engineering, Wiley