Sage UK Uses Docker To Transform Their Infrastructure Environment


Founded in 1981, Sage UK provides accountancy and payroll business software solutions to 6 million customers in 24 countries. Since its inception the technology goliath has experienced tremendous success with small and medium sized companies, and is a leading provider of business software In the UK, as well worldwide.


Sage One, was a small startup project that began just 5 years ago, and has now grown significantly providing accounting and payroll solutions to customers in 13 different countries. The team's initial architecture was a monolith one, which was simple at first, but as time went on, the applications began to get clunky and inefficient very quickly, with the code base becoming truly massive. Sage was looking for a way of dividing the project up into different subsections and a way to break down responsibilities so that they could deliver more quickly and rapidly. This was a huge cultural shift for the company to begin with so convincing their peers to transition was met with resistance.


Docker was a perfect fit for Sage UK in their quest to not only move from a monolithic architecture to a distributed services architecture, but for also addressing the culture changes that needed to be made. The company used Docker to transform the structure of their business. Sage UK used Docker containers to take their large code-base and divide it up into smaller subdivisions. The beauty of using Docker was that they were able to provide minimal disruption to business as usual. They introduced containers into the environment to support the functions taking place within it. Docker natural fit for their developers and helped them make the transition very easy. Sage UK also used Docker to create Navy, which was their own orchestration tool to help developers identify what it is they wanted to pick when they had to select from their applications.The team was also able to provide their developers with high visibility of changes taking place in the system, which brought confidence to folks were less comfortable when going though the architectural change.

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  • “What excites us is that the Docker community is driving this and it's great to feel that they are a part of it. We are blessed to be living in an exciting transformational time, and for us what's really exciting is that we feel that Docker is going to help us change our own organization, which is tremendous.”

    Doug Johnson, Head of Architecture at Sage UK Ltd