New Relic Quickly Scales in Production and Creates Docker Monitoring Tools


New Relic is a application performance monitoring and software analytics company based in San Francisco, California.


New Relic had 7 production applications. One of the challenges they faced were scaling out the status quo within their environment. Their developers were performing their own operations, but weren’t allowed to have access to everything they needed. Everyone had access to Database secrets, making for a security nightmare. And deployment tooling was all handcrafted. Organizational changes also introduced issues. They were in the process of doubling the number of developers each year, and were moving away from monolithic applications, adding new services, and launching a new product called Insights. Additionally, their apps were heterogeneous and not enough developers with broad enough knowledge of the overall infrastructure.


The company now utilizes Docker Registry as the interhcnage between developers and operations. Developers are now responsible for building their containers, building their applications, shipping them to the registry. Operations is now responsible for getting everything from the registry and putting them on the right servers and making it run. With Docker New Relic no longer had to worry about different dependencies since all were within each container. They could now just pick up the container and ship it.

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  • Docker's platform has become an important part of how we build and deploy new services at New Relic. For example, when we launched the New Relic Insights product, Docker gave our development team more independence and let them focus on bringing a great piece of software live on an aggressive schedule. Docker has helped us deliver new services faster than ever before."

    Nic Benders, Director of Site Engineering, New Relic