Kadaster Builds a Flexible Platform to Handle 8 Billion Transactions a Year

As a government organization for the Netherlands, Kadaster is responsible for collecting and registering property as well as land rights, ships, aircraft and telecom networks -- an important service for its citizens.

Dutch Land Registry Uses Docker to Handle 8 Billion Transactions a Year and Speed Up Application Deployment by 500x


The PaaS approach Kadaster had taken to building a private cloud was too limiting. The organization needed something more flexible that could support new and emerging technologies.


Kadaster adopted Docker Enterprise as an out-of-the-box container platform solution for its multi-tenant private cloud that let developers bring their own containerized applications.


Kadaster accelerates releases from one a month to 500 a month, with first-time deployment times of less than 5 minutes. The largest application Kadaster has running in Docker Enterprise handles a peak of 50,000 requests per minute -- over 8 billion a year.

Kadaster by the Numbers

Minute or Less Deployment Times

Deployments a Month

Billion Transactions a Year

Customer Environments

"Enterprise software development teams try to innovate very fast and we saw Docker as a way to give them the tools to innovate in their own pace. So we don’t determine the technology they use. They do that themselves.”

Rick Peters

Technical Product Owner

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