Jireh Modernizes 15+ Year Old HP-UX Manufacturing Apps with Docker Enterprise

Jireh, a global provider of power semiconductors, doubled wafer output by containerizing apps with Docker Enterprise.

Doubling Factory Output by Updating Legacy Applications with Docker Enterprise


Jireh needed to modernize its aging architecture and retire 25+ year old HP UX servers while simultaneously increasing wafer production capacity without downtime.


Jireh containerized and upgraded legacy Java-based applications with Docker Enterprise and migrated the apps to new servers.


Factory floor applications upgraded and containerized with no impact on operations, while doubling factory output to 42,000 wafers/month.

Jireh by the Numbers

Increase in Factory Output

Semiconductor Products

Java Applications Containerized

“We run 24/7, and our main goal is no downtime. With Docker Enterprise, if a container goes down, it will just come right back up.”

Jeannie Schwenk

Scrum Master, Software Engineer