Jabil Modernizes Legacy Infrastructure from the Datacenter to the Edge with Docker Enterprise

Jabil, an engineering manufacturing and supply chain provider, is embarking on a digital journey using Docker Enterprise to modernize its legacy applications and scale them globally to 29 countries.

Jabil Enables a Global Software Supply chain with Docker Enterprise


Jabil needed to modernize their legacy applications as they embarked on their digital and cloud transformation to respond more effectively to a rapidly changing market landscape.


Jabil partnered with Docker, Microsoft and Avanade to containerize Windows and Linux applications, leveraging Docker Enterprise and Microsoft Azure through Docker’s Modernize Traditional Application (MTA) Program. Jabil also uses local software registries with centralized image management to support developers around the world.


With Docker Enterprise, Jabil is able to accelerate cloud migration of their legacy applications, distribute software globally 60 percent faster, and has reduced the cost of industrial monitoring stations.

Jabil by the Numbers

Sites in 29 Countries

Windows .NET Applications


The Modernize Traditional Applications Program was instrumental in helping us understand the value of containerizing our applications with Docker Enterprise and running them on Microsoft Azure.

Sujay Pillai

Sr. DevOps Engineer