Continuous Innovation and Digital Transformation with Docker

Carnival, Citizens Bank, Liberty Mutual, Lindsay Corporation, and Nationwide won the 2019 Docker customer awards for innovation and transformation.

Recognizing Enterprise Customer Innovation

Digital transformation and innovation are happening everywhere –– from big insurance and agriculture companies to financial institutions and cruise lines. We launched the Docker Customer Innovation Awards to recognize customers who have built new applications, created new offerings for customers, transformed their business or accelerated innovation using Docker Enterprise.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

Leveraging Docker Enterprise to Make Vacations Memorable

Carnival Corporation leverages Docker Enterprise to support its new Medallion System: a system that consolidates access to over 300 onboard services into a single necklace or wristband IoT token unique to each passenger.

Culture Transformation Award

The Value of “Failing Fearlessly” with Docker Enterprise

Citizens Bank established an innovation team willing to “fail fearlessly” with the support of Docker Enterprise, allowing them to take new ideas from concept to “up and running” in a week without putting the bank at risk.

Digital Transformation Award

From 106 Years of Technical Debt to Multi-Cloud with Docker Enterprise

Liberty Mutual Insurance leverages Docker Enterprise to modernize traditional applications with 106 years of accumulated technical debt, making it possible to move to a container-first, cloud-first strategy in a more automated, portable and cost-effective way.

Global Impact Award

Powering the Future of Agriculture

Lindsay Corporation leverages Docker Enterprise to help rapidly develop software that can make intelligent decisions about watering crops––saving 700 billion gallons by 2022 of water in the process.

CIO of the Year

Docker Enterprise and a 100x Improvement in Deployment Time

Nationwide has implemented a “container first” strategy and hopes to migrate all of their existing applications to containers by 2021. Since containerizing several critical applications with Docker Enterprise, the company has saved an estimated $2 million a year.

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