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ING is a global financial services organization offering banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services to corporations, individuals and governments. ING’s believes their purpose is to empower people and organization to realize their own vision for a better future – for their customers this means providing a differentiating banking experience to help them achieve their life goals however modest or grand.


As one of the top 10 financial services companies in the world,
ING operates on global scale - over 50 thousand employees
service over 33 million customer in over 40 countries around
the world. The IT organization in the Netherlands alone comprised of 1,800 people creating unique challenges of coordinating change across large groups of people, processes
and technology. Process sprawl had gotten to the point that 68
separate documents had to be created before any changes
could go into production. Process was made worse by the fact
that they were tied to monolithic applications that were built upon outdated software technologies. The combination of entangled processes and technology lead to poor quality software.


ING is now able to move faster with their CD pipeline running in Docker containers. Key areas accelerated are provisioning build servers, provisioning and publishing tests, deployment automation and in the functional integration testing environment across their 180 teams. Additionally the increasing levels of automation was starting to strain their infrastructure resources and Docker helped to greatly reduce that utilization and ultimately hard costs, especially within some of their biggest development efforts. Being able to shave minutes of time and dollars at each stage of the CD pipeline adds up across thousands of jobs put ING far along the path to reaching their goal of being the best technology company in Europe.

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  • “Speed is very important to us and Continuous Delivery is how we do it. In ING IT, we are all developers and we want to be better - meaning better code and more customer satisfaction and Docker is the part of our strategy to do all of this, especially faster."

    Henk Kolk, Chief Architect of ING Netherlands