Healthdirect Uses Docker Datacenter To Enable Continuous Deployment In Production


Heathdirect is a healthcare company based in Sydney Australia. The company was founded in 2006 and provides access to advice and healthcare services to the 23 million Australian citizens via web applications. The company now has over 300+ employees.


There were several challenges that Healthdirect faced prior to using Docker. Their previous applications deployment process had what they called "anti CI/CD" making it difficult to create an end-to end CI/CD pipeline. They had CI/CD in the infrastructure team, but had to be able to share that across multiple business units. What they really needed a smarter way to deploy their applications and provide the 100% hands-off automation they were looking for. Since they already had existing configuration in place, this solution also needed to be pluggable and built into their existing management framework, which was Puppet.


Today Healthdirect is using an assortment of Docker solutions including: Docker Datacenter (DTR,UCP/Swarm and Support), Docker Toolbox, Docker Compose, Docker Networking and Docker engine 1.10. Now their developers are more empowered in the release process and the code developed locally ships to production without changes. Troubleshooting issues are easy since now everything is code. These benefits allow Healthdirect to save time, and use that time to ship their applications more efficiently. With Docker they not only benefitted from new technology, but a massive benefit to their overall business as well. Helping them to innovate faster, and deploy their application to production, with ease.

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  • “Docker Datacenter provides us with a solid foundation for our container environment, enabling our team to spend more time developing and shipping the applications that bring our customers value”

    Scott Coulton DevOps Solutions Architect for Healthdirect Australia