Application Portability to the Cloud and Edge

With Docker Enterprise, Halliburton can centrally manage application images across datacenters, clouds and the edge.

Boosting Productivity at the Edge and Improving Hardware Utilization with Docker Enterprise


Halliburton needed centralized control of application images, but also wanted portability between mobile, edge, cloud and data center environments, as well as the ability to upgrade and migrate legacy applications quickly.


Halliburton leverages Docker Enterprise for centralized management and optimization of workloads –– giving flexibility to the business units by providing support for workload distribution to mobile, edge, cloud and data centers.


Increased productivity on oil rigs and lower IT costs from improved hardware utilization. Containerized legacy applications, making them portable across datacenters and clouds.

Halliburton by the Numbers

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“One of the biggest advantages we get from from Docker Enterprise is maintaining control of image deployments while giving the business flexibility. We still have the ability to have a centralized, secure environment.”

Torben Pedersen

I.T. Enterprise Architect, Halliburton