Gilt Defines Docker as Standard for Deploying to Production


Gilt is an online shopping website based in the United States. Gilt Groupe was founded in 2007 and has over 6 million members. Today, the company has over 1,000 employees


Gilt was working on a project called “Galactica” which was an attempt to deploy multiple services to a single host in production for the purpose of building staged environments. The strategy was that services would be deployed as pods. The company ran into issues due to the lack of isolation between the different server processes. Their infrastructure team would make upgrades to these dependencies on a box with the aim of supporting one service, and it would take out a few of the other services in the process. They needed a solution to solve for this issue. The mobile team also experienced problems when trying to develop tools that would work across multiple developer laptops, mainly because of the different versions of software on those laptops, and different versions of the Mac OS operating system.


Gilt has been adopting Docker since 2013. Now, they are in the process of moving to AWS and have defined Docker as the standard for deploying into production. The mobile team now packages all the development tools into Docker images so that each developer just sees Docker on their laptop and can download all of the mobile team’s developer tools, regardless of what OS version they are running on the Mac. They can all run the same tools now, with no issues. .

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  • "Docker helps us operationalize our production environment, making it safer and easier to make changes, which in turn enables our engineers to focus on building product."