FairFly Makes Deployment Super Easy with Docker Cloud


Founded in 2013, FairFly strives to solve the problem of volatility in ticket prices. The company uses innovative technology that continuously and automatically monitors ticket prices. If the price of a flight drops, the customer is alerted right away, the best way to save time, effort and money.


Like many companies, prior to adopting a Dockerized environment FairFly was experiencing long deployment cycles. They had deployment checklists to go through and had to manually SSH into multiple services, creating quite the hassle. All of this was time consuming and prevented them from rolling out features fast and iterating on their product as often as they’d like. The company was using configuration tools that proved to be difficult to manage, hard to test and drain on two invaluable resources. Time and focus. They were forced to work on maintaining their infrastructure and creating deployment scripts, instead of focusing solely on improving the product.


By adopting Docker the company was able to solve one of the biggest issues they had. Making sure the dependency versions across dev, staging and prod were the same. In addition to this, with Docker the company can now utilize repeatable builds, deploy their applications anywhere they would like, maximize the efficiency of their hosts and even enable microservices. Docker Cloud was up and running for them within 20 minutes and gives them the UI, CLI and APIs that they need to build their applications quickly, and deploy them into production across their different nodes. The tool adds a layer of abstraction, and gives them the ability to easily manage clusters of different types within their environment. A huge benefit for them was that by stacking containers they were able to save on infrastructure costs and focus on building their apps, rather than maintaining infrastructure. .

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  • Within 20 minutes I had a container setup and running on Docker Cloud. I was blown away because it was so much easier then what we already had. With Docker Cloud we no longer have to waste time and money on repetitive and menial maintenance tasks.

    Ami Goldenberg Co-Founder and CTO of FairFly