With Docker, Schibsted Speeds Innovation and Delivers Faster Value to their Customers


Schibsted Media Group is a Norwegian media group that was founded back in 1839. They have operations in 36 countries, the most important being Norway and Sweden. The company has its headquarters in Oslo, Norway and has about 7,000 employees.


The company has 1,000 engineers and was facing problems like service identity, secrets management. Issues that are relatively simple at small scale, but with their large scale enterprise, they needed a solution that could address the problems. The biggest challenge that Schibsted faced was how to improve speed. Orginally they were using VMs, but realized that this took too long compared to containers. They needed a fast and easy way to set up their complex projects. Speeding up their tests was also another challenge. In some of their sites they have several tests, close to 5,000, running in a small amount of time. They, along with some of their customers, have been using Docker in combination with Mesos Marathon and in some cases AWS AMIs and Docker. This of course works, but the problem is that Mesos Marathon and using AMIs can take several minutes. They needed something that would work in a matter of seconds


One big improvement with using Docker, is that with Docker containers, the time goes from minutes to just seconds. This changes the game completely for Schibsted, as they, along with everything other company is looking to speed things up and deliver their services to their users/customers more quickly. It for this reason, that Schibsted views Docker as a game-changing technology. .

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  • "I think that Docker is a game changing technology, to make things much more faster than they have been up until now. I think that, as I said, there are some still rough edges and some problems that need to be solved, but the potential is already there." – Ramon Salvado, Director of Engineer at Schibsted Media Group