Docker Delivers Greater Mobility and Better Security For Amadeus


Amadeus is a multinational IT provider for the global travel and tourism industry. They provide technology for: booking, ticket pricing, reservations and check-in and departure processes. The company has over 10,000 employees and a revenue of over 3.1 billion EUR per year.


Amadeus was looking to build a completely new technology stack at their company. They decided that to do this, they were going to use a customer project as a kick-off for it, to showcase their new technology stack. But they needed a technology that would give them the portability they needed to go off and actually build this new stack. Another challenge that they were facing was security. They wanted to deploy applications that were far outside their main data center. The big question they had to ask was, okay if we want to perform scanning or investigations, how do we do it? How do we bring the engine over there?


The company selected Docker as their container technology in 2014, and decided to use Docker as their container technology. This gave them the mobility they needed. And with Docker, Amadeus can now bring the machine to the scanning engine, and do this in the same locations that they scan their engines that exist within their firewall. So again, the mobility of Docker containers proved to be a huge benefit for the company. Docker also helped them limit the footprint of software users, and things installed for an application with the isolation that Docker container innately provide. This made it safer to have cohosted applications on the same operating system, with more containment and less chance that the different services would impact each other in a negative way. .

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  • "Docker is part of our future stack, it will be there, at least the Docker engine…but I think I would put my money on maybe Trusted Registry or what was announced today, the Universal Control Plane, those things which are targeting the classical enterprise datacenters; IT landscapes to have the things on premise. I think this is the next thing we potentially would look at."– Dr. Udo Seidel, Architecture and Technical Governance at Amadeus Data Processing