Desigual Transforms the In-Store Customer Experience in 6 Months with Docker Enterprise

Desigual was able to improve in-store sales, meet growing demand and develop an innovative in-store shopping assistant in just six months by adopting Docker Enterprise to accelerate its software development process and move to a hybrid cloud environment.

Desigual Created a New In-Store Shopping Assistant App in Just 6 Months with Docker Enterprise


Limited information about product availability and alternatives was impacting in-store sales. Desigual needed to make information more easily available to shoppers and store staff.


Desigual containerized critical TIBCO, .NET and Java applications on Docker Enterprise, and migrated to a hybrid cloud with infrastructure running on both VMware and AWS.


Desigual took their in-store shopping assistant from concept to production in just six months and reduced deployment time from weeks to a single day. Improved scalability also allows them to easily meet customer demand — even during the peak shopping season.

Desigual by the Numbers

Months Concept to Production for New App


Items Designed Each Season

“We needed an enterprise container platform that could support our legacy VMware infrastructure with .NET and Java applications, let us run Swarm and Kubernetes and give us the ability to run in the cloud. Docker Enterprise was the only solution that met all of our criteria.”

Mathias Kriegel

Cloud Architect and IT Operations Lead