Cornell University Accelerates Cloud Migration

The 150 year old university had a vision to move applications to the cloud, but diverse infrastructure and applications blocked their path.

Cornell Consolidates Infrastructure Across 14 Colleges and Accelerates App Deployment by 13X with Docker


Fiefdoms of infrastructure across 14 colleges were difficult to manage and update, and impossible to move to a single platform -- let alone the cloud.


Today, Cornell runs over 200 nodes of Docker Enterprise, largely on AWS and based on its success, now has a container-first, cloud-first strategy.


13x faster application deployment by leveraging reusable architecture patterns and simplified build and deployment processes with Docker Enterprise.

Cornell by the Numbers


1.5 Million
Online Library Visits/Day

Applications Containerized


“Our first production workload went live in October 2014. Today, we have hundreds of workloads that are in production using Docker Enterprise. In fact, Cornell is now a container-first organization.”

Shawn Bower

Cloud Architect

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