Citizens Bank Drives Rapid Innovation in the Mortgage Industry

Citizens Bank is a Nashville-based national mortgage company that built modern DevOps processes and began shifting applications to a microservices architecture in less than a year with Docker Enterprise.

Citizens Bank Increase Efficiency with a Microservices-based Architecture


For the company, innovation is about more than new technology; it’s about doing something new and relevant for customers. However, the innovation team needed a platform that could scale with them.


Docker Enterprise lets Citizens Bank move much faster in their journey to transform the company. Today, the company runs over 300 services in 1,000 containers across many teams all sharing a single cluster encompassing dev, test and production for operational efficiency.


Citizens Bank has quickly evolved to a DevOps culture centered on experimentation - which lets them fail fast, and fearlessly to test out new ideas and develop new services.

Citizens Bank by the Numbers

Isolated Application Zones

Services and 1,000+ Containers

Automated Deployments a Day


“I think our biggest win with Docker Enterprise is our ability to take an idea from start to finish within a week. We recognized an opportunity and we capitalized on it and we delivered.”

Sharon Frazier

VP of Innovation

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