Carnival Corp Leverages Docker Enterprise to Create Unique Guest Experiences on Its Cruise Ships

Creating a unique vacation experience on its ships by consolidating access to over 300 services into a single, wearable medallion.

Creating a Customized Cruise Ship Experience with Docker Enterprise


Carnival Corp wanted to create a personalized, streamlined vacation experience to offer guests “the fun that fits them best” but needed a technology platform that could work seamlessly across development, corporate and on-board environments.


Carnival Corp leveraged Docker Enterprise to build and deploy their MedallionClass—a system that incorporates access to over 300 onboard services into a single wearable medallion for guests.


Carnival Corp can now quickly add or update guest services, and intends to expand MedallionClass to all of its 110 ships and 15 resorts in the near future.

Carnival Corporation by the Numbers

Containers needed for Onboard Services to Run

Services Offered by MedallionClass

Guests Served Annually

“With Docker Enterprise, our developers are more productive and can get new capabilities to our guests faster. It also reduces the overall infrastructure footprint on each ship.”

Todd Heard

Vice President of Technology, Carnival Corporation