Business Insider Enables Continuous Delivery
with Docker


Business Insider is an American business, celebrity and technology news website launched in February 2009 and based in New York City. The site is the largest business news site in the world, acting as an aggregator of top news stories from around the web.


As the largest business website in the world, the business publishes several hundred stories per day. Their API had major issues, often crashing, forcing employees to restart services.


Using Docker Hub they were able to push out their services they deployed out to services and resolved problem in a week with Docker. Use it as their standard platform for local development environments. Today, for all new applications, the dev, QA and Staging and production environments are all using dockerized applications. In addition, the company is also looking at porting all of their current monolithic applications over to a Dockerized platform.BI was also able to create a local development environment to QA, stage and then production allowing them to maintain consistency throughout the development cycle. Lastly, in the past, on-ramping a developer took about 1-2 days, getting their local environments set up, down to only a couple of hours now. Now, developers can write, commit and push code on their first day of work.

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  • “we’ve been able to create a local development environment, we can then ship into development, to QA and then to Production. WE can be sure that exactly the same stack is running in prod that is running on someone’s laptop”

    Chris Buckley Director of DevOps, Business Insider