Bunchball Accelerates App Deployment from 3 months to 1 week


Bunchball provides a cloud-based software as a service gamification product intended to help companies improve customer loyalty and online engagement using game mechanics.


Bunchball faced a challenge that many companies face. They were utilizing monolithic applications within their environment, but required the flexibility of a micro services architecture. Because of this, it would take 3 months to take their applications from development to production. Not only was this a complicated process, but it was also prone to failure. The company wanted to leverage micro services, so that they could update certain pieces of an application, without breaking it entirely.


Using Docker containers Bunchball can now deploy applications in less then a week. When deployed into production they know exactly what the applications is, and all configurations remain the same, as all dependencies are packed within each container. This allows Bunchball to test in QA exactly what will be placed into production.

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  • “When we deploy something to production we know exactly what it is. All of its depencies are inside the container, we know that its not dependent on other things that may be installed on the host. That allows us to be able to test in QA, exactly what we are going to put into production.”

    Joseph Schneider, DevOps Engineer , Bunchball