Bleacher Report Innovates Faster at Scale


Bleacher Report is one of the largest digital sports properties in the world because of its simple strategy to only create, curate and deliver content the is requested by the fans. This customer centric view of sports news now serves over 80 million users a month spanning the universe of sports from football, golf, Nascar, mixed martial arts, lacrosse and many more.


The Breport application that powered the site was a monolithic Rails application comprised of legacy code. The team of one devops and three developers were ­nding it increasingly di‑cult to maintain and support the application and impossible to integrate newer technologies into their business. With innovation being key to keeping eyeballs engaged on the site, these application limitations were beginning to limit Bleacher Report’s business potential.


In just a couple of months they were actively using Docker with Elastic Beanstalk because of its easy learning curve, the flexibility enables and the speed brought to the development cycle. This allowed each engineer to quickly build the infrastructure they needed for their application without having to ask operations – without increasing the burden on their operations team. While the engineering team has grown from three to 25 over the years, the operations team only went from one to three. Docker has made it easier for the operations team to support a greater number of developers and application scale. Since deploying Docker, the Breport app has grown from give to 15 services.

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  • “We are faster at scale which is what will keep the Bleacher Report as one of the top sports sites in the world. Docker empowers our developers with ownership, speed and consistency to build better apps for the site“

    Tung Nguyen, Senior Director Engineering