BCG Gamma Transforms Analytics and Machine Learning with Docker Enterprise

How do data scientists at BCG Gamma create world-class analytics and machine learning models for clients at lightning speed? With Docker Enterprise.

Docker Enables BCG to deliver AI and ML Applications Faster


Deliver top-notch analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to clients at the edge with real-time orchestration, monitoring and updates -- all while ensuring integrity, consistency and provenance for GDPR compliance without visibility into the client infrastructure.


A secure software supply chain with Docker Enterprise with a mirrored instance of the image repository to control delivery to clients. This also allows the team to verify image consistency even after the software is deployed, which ties back to meeting compliance requirements.


Today, Docker Enterprise enables BCG Gamma’s data scientists to build and quickly share initial models with clients, run tests and then ship final models in Docker containers to the client site -- saving time and ensuring software quality.

BCG By the Numbers


Data Scientists

$6.3 Billion

In the age of GDPR compliance, Docker Enterprise allows us to use image signing to securely deploy and update applications very quickly to our clients while maintaining provenance across both data and applications with full lifecycle management.

Andrea Gallego, CTO