Alm. Brand Saves 90 percent of Maintenance Time in 10 Months

Alm. Brand, a 226 year old insurance company in Denmark, stabilized and streamlined 39 Oracle WebLogic applications - and built 75+ new greenfield applications as containers in Docker Enterprise.

Alm. Brand Improves Application Configuration, Maintenance and Management with Docker Enterprise


Core WebLogic applications were brittle and prone to crashing during update cycles. The IT operations team needed to stabilize the environment to protect the business from downtime.


Docker Enterprise provides the foundation for containerizing legacy applications and stabilizing the environment. Going forward, Alm. Brand plans to containerize Windows Server applications.


Containerizing applications reduced dependencies, improves configuration management, minimizes service interruptions and prevents issues from affecting entire production environments.

Alm. Brand by the Numbers

Year Old Insurance Company


Legacy Applications Modernized

More Efficient App Management

“Now we have almost all of our legacy apps in Docker Enterprise, and we can scale them independently. We spend 90 percent less time troubleshooting problems and can spend that time on more productive tasks.”

Sune Keller

IT Architect, Alm. Brand