Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer

Docker Infrastructure provides the base computing layer that powers functions across Docker Inc, from Docker Hub to internal CI/CD. We take raw compute resources and turn them into highly available, self-service container infrastructure for our application and service teams. We use Docker Enterprise, numerous open source tools, and automation we build to bind them together. Docker is growing quickly and expanding the Infrastructure team is critical to support that growth.


Being an Infrastructure Engineer here is a unique opportunity. Docker changed the tech industry  - virtually every company is incorporating containers into their technology stack or their product offering. If you join Docker, you'll be at the forefront of this movement - our team is customer number zero. All bits run in our infrastructure before going out to customers and users, and our feedback shapes the direction of our products.


* You will help build, maintain, and be on-call for a self-service infrastructure layer used across the company

* You will automate everything that can reasonably be automated

* You will be a liaison to internal customers, making sure they have the infrastructure resources and knowledge to run their applications effectively

* Your expertise will be called on to improve the product, suggest best practices for customers, and drive the public conversation around modern infrastructure

Minimum Qualifications:

* You have 3+ years experience in Linux-based Infrastructure Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Administration, SRE, or similar roles

* You are proficient with shell commands and scripting

* You are comfortable with at least one common programming language

* You have run infrastructure on public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure)

* You have used configuration management tools like Saltstack, Puppet, Chef, Ansible

* You have experience with monitoring and logging solutions

* You have strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills

Preferred Qualifications:

* You are proficient in Python or Go

* You have experience running container infrastructure

* You have run customer-facing SaaS infrastructure

* You have experience with Prometheus

* You are proficient with Cloudformation or Terraform

* You have an extreme aversion to doing repetitive things manually and being paged in the middle of the night