Business Development and Technical Alliances

“We are designing and building tools of mass innovation."

At Docker, business and technology consulting and building solid alliances with industry partners isn't just a career -- it's a passion. As a member of the Docker BizDev & TechAlliances team, you'll work collaboratively with our leadership and other departments, to identify opportunities to and create solutions for prospects, customers, and industry partners. You'll relentlessly demonstrate how our solutions solve business problems in ways that make a real difference to these audiences -- and the world. You will develop expert knowledge and proficiency in our offerings and be a subject matter expert in one of the most important technologies in our industry today.

So, if you're willing to bring your A-game, and are prepared to hold yourself accountable while presenting Docker to the world, then by all means - sell yourself to us for the position(s) you desire below.

Business Development & Technical Alliances