Senior Developer Advocate, Java Ecosystem

Docker is hiring a Developer Advocate to help developers and operations professionals move their applications to the Docker platform. A Developer Advocate is a leader in the field of building, deploying, and managing applications. They use their expertise to help developers outside of Docker understand how to build and administer applications using the Docker platform and will work out in the community, through conference appearances, participating in social media, blogging, writing technology guides and producing videos. A successful Developer Advocate will also work internally on behalf of users to ensure they get the best experience using Docker through the entire lifecycle of an application.

This is a new role at Docker with high visibility and a big impact on the Java ecosystem.


  • Create momentum and drive the success of Docker’s platform through your interactions with third party users who build, ship, and run applications using Docker for the Java user and developer base.
  • Champion Docker in person and online by presenting at Java ecosystem conferences and meetups, blogging, writing technical tutorials, videos, participating in online communities, and other similar activities.
  • Identify and evangelize operational process efficiencies to improve and speed application development from start to production.
  • Advocate for Docker users internally, and influence Docker developer product strategy by working with engineers, Product Managers, and cross-functional teams inside Docker.
  • Help train and guide Docker Captains and other external Docker experts on Docker technology with the Java ecosystem so they can act as our advocates.
  • Engage with customers to help them develop and deploy their applications.


  • Experience as a software developer, architect, technology advocate, CTO, or consultant working with developer and operations technologies.
  • Experience with Java in an enterprise environment, including major frameworks such as Java EE and Spring.
  • Experience working with the Java deployment applications and environments such as application servers, servlet engines, Jenkins, and related technologies.
  • Accomplished public speaker. Proficient in written English language communication.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience using Docker.
  • Experience with virtualization platforms such as VMWare, KVM, or Hyper-V.
  • Understanding of innovative technology paradigms such as serverless, machine learning, and edge computing. 

Docker is the leader in the containerization market, combining an enterprise-grade container platform with world-class services to give developers and IT alike the freedom to build, manage and secure applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in. Today’s organizations are under pressure to digitally transform their business but are constrained by a diverse portfolio of applications, clouds and premises-based infrastructures. Docker unlocks the potential of every organization with a container platform that brings traditional applications and microservices built on Window, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration. As a result, organizations report a 300 percent improvement in time to market, while reducing operational costs by 50 percent. Inspired by open source innovation and a rich ecosystem of technology and go-to-market partners, Docker’s container platform and services are used by millions of developers and more than 550 Global 10K commercial customers including ADP, GE, MetLife, PayPal and Societe Generale.