Senior Software Engineer (Distributed Systems/Container Orchestration)

Are you passionate about building software with huge impact? Do you love working in small, motivated teams that influence the product in a big way? Do you care deeply about writing robust, scalable, and performant code that impacts productivity of millions of developers worldwide? We are a group of thinkers, problem-solvers, and builders from diverse backgrounds, working on building the distributed computing platform of the future, and we are looking to grow our team!

We currently work on some of the coolest and the most critical projects that are part of the Docker ecosystem:

  • Docker SwarmKit: open source, native clustering for Docker and includes primitives for node discovery, raft-based consensus, task scheduling.
  • UCP (universal control plane): the management layer on top of the orchestrators, enabling us to provide both Swarmkit and Kubernetes features.
  • Federated Application Management: handles deployment and management of applications distributed globally across clusters.

As a member of the team, you will get to:

  • Drive engineering initiatives. You’ll lead and contribute to engineering efforts, from design to implementation of high-performance, fault-tolerant, scalable distributed software.
  • Drive technical collaborations. You’ll participate in product discussions and influence the roadmap.
  • Build open-source software used and supported by a sizable community. As an active maintainer of the Docker Project, you’ll help in furthering the Docker engineering brand by contributing code to the open-source projects.
  • Participate in public speaking and community engagement opportunities. Being a major driver behind the container movement, Docker engineers are some of the most active in the industry at engaging with the community by speaking at conferences and meetups.

This job might be for you if:

  • You have experience developing and operating scalable distributed systems.
  • You are confident with one or more programming languages, operating systems, and architectures.
  • You are a good communicator.
  • You love to teach and learn from your co-workers.
  • You focus on shipping software that matters to your users and to the company you’re building it for.
  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Docker is the leader in the containerization market, combining an enterprise-grade container platform with world-class services to give developers and IT alike the freedom to build, manage and secure applications without the fear of technology or infrastructure lock-in. Today’s organizations are under pressure to digitally transform their business but are constrained by a diverse portfolio of applications, clouds and premises-based infrastructures.

Docker unlocks the potential of every organization with a container platform that brings traditional applications and microservices built on Window, Linux and mainframe into an automated and secure supply chain, advancing dev to ops collaboration.

As a result, organizations report a 300 percent improvement in time to market, while reducing operational costs by 50 percent. Inspired by open source innovation and a rich ecosystem of technology and go-to-market partners, Docker’s container platform and services are used by millions of developers and more than 550 Global 10K commercial customers including ADP, GE, MetLife, PayPal and Societe Generale.