Save the Date! Next Docker Community All Hands

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We’re excited to announce that our next Community All Hands will be on March 11th, 2021 @ 8am PST/5pm CET. This quarterly event is a unique opportunity for Docker staff and the broader Docker community to come together for live company updates, product updates, demos, community shout-outs and Q&A. We had more than 1,500 attendees for our last all-hands and we hope to double that this time.  

This all-hands will be particularly special because it will coincide with none other than….you guessed it…Docker’s 8th birthday! For this “birthday edition,” we’re going to make the event extra special.

We’ll start by extending the format from 1 hour to 2 hours to pack in more Docker goodness. The main piece of feedback we got from our last all hands was that it was way too short. We had too much content that we tried to squeeze into 60 minutes. This longer format will give us plenty of time to cover everything we need to cover and let presenters catch their breath 🙂

Another new feature of this all-hands will be integrated chat and multi-casting made possible by a new innovative video conferencing platform we’ll be using. This will give us the opportunity to present content simultaneously in different virtual rooms and enable attendees to not only tune in to content that’s most relevant to them but also engage more with the presenters and other attendees.


We’re still building out the agenda but you can expect the event to unfold as follows: 

  • The first hour will focus on company and product updates with presentations from Docker executive staff, including Scott Johnston (CEO), Justin Cormack (CTO), Donnie Berkholz (VP of Products) and Jean-Laurent de Morlhon (VP of Engineering). 
  • The second hour will focus on breakout sessions with live demos and workshops so that attendees can deep dive into particular areas of interest. 
  • The final hour will be focused on community, with a Captain-led live show where we’ll be giving fresh updates on programs, initiatives as well as shout-outs to outstanding Docker contributors.

Openness and participation are key pillars of a healthy open source community. We’re constantly exploring ways to better engage the Docker community, and we hope this new format will make this Community All Hands even more awesome. Join us!

Click here to register for the event. 


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