JAX Innovation Awards 2014: Most Innovative Open Technology goes to Docker

May 16 2014



The JAX Innovation Awards celebrate the most innovative Java Technology, Open technology and Open Tech Business.

Over the last month, hundreds of nominations were submitted and the jury panel later shortlisted 5 finalists in each category (see below).


Most innovative Java Technology

  • Vert.x

  • Spring Boot

  • Frege Language

  • Neo4j

  • Atmosphere Framework


Most innovative Open Technology

  • openHAB


  • RoboVM

  • Akka

  • Docker


Most innovative Open Tech Business

  • CloudBees

  • JFrog

  • Neo Technology

  • Ohloh

  • Hazelcast


It was then up to the community members to vote for the one technology they thought was the most innovative in each category.

The winners of the Jax Innovation Awards 2014 were announced last Monday at a ceremony in Mainz, Germany and Docker won the award of the Most Innovative Open Technology.

This award goes to our incredible community of contributors worldwide who are continuously making Docker and its ecosystem stronger. Once again, we’d like to thank you all for your contribution and hope that together we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate more awards in the future.





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