DockerCon Guest Speaker: Liberty Mutual

Jun 14 2018

In yesterday’s DockerCon keynote, Eric Drobisewski, Senior Architect at Liberty Mutual Insurance, shared how Docker Enterprise Edition has been a foundational technology for their digital transformation.

If you missed it, the replay of the keynote is available below:

Turning Disruption into Opportunities

Liberty Mutual – the 3rd largest property and casualty insurance provider in the United States –  recognizes that the new digital economy is bringing a faster cycle of technology evolution. Disruptive technologies like autonomous vehicles and smart homes are changing the way customers interact and transact. Liberty Mutual sees these as opportunities to bring new services to market and ways to reinvent traditional insurance models, but they needed to become more flexible and agile while managing their technical debt.

Rapid Expansion of Docker Enterprise Edition

As a 106-year old company, Liberty Mutual recognized that they were not going to become agile overnight. Liberty Mutual has instead built a “multi-lane highway” that enables both traditional apps and new microservices apps to modernize at different speeds according to their needs, all based on Docker Enterprise Edition.

“(Docker Enterprise Edition) began to open multiple paths for our teams to modernize traditional applications and move them to the cloud in a more automated, portable and cost effective manner. It also enabled new teams to write modern services quickly, building off from open technologies.” – Eric Drobisewski, Senior Architect

Liberty Mutual’s journey with Docker Enterprise Edition began two years ago. Since the beginning of the year, the number of containerized services has more than doubled. At the same time, the server footprint has shrunk 6% meaning they are saving on hardware and licensing costs while their Docker footprint grows.

“What we have seen here at Liberty Mutual is that Docker is truly a transformational technology. It has helped dissolve our previous assumptions about how app development, operations and security should be done.”

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