April 2022 Newsletter

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DockerCon 2022: May 9th-10th

Join industry experts and thousands of fellow Docker community members for this free virtual event — filled with insightful developer-led learning sessions, live presentations, panel discussions, interactive host segments, community chat rooms, and more!

News you can use and monthly highlights:

Docker From Scratch for PHP 8.1 Applications in 2022 – Learn how to build Docker from scratch for PHP 8.1 applications. This article also covers additional debugging challenges (from the browser, from the CLI, or from along running worker process).

Java Development on an Apple M1 – A One Year Review – Read about the initial development pitfalls following Apple M1’s introduction. You’ll also learn a number of valuable tricks and workarounds for developing and testing Java applications.

New Docker for Mac VirtioFS File Sync is 4x Faster – The latest release of Docker Desktop for Mac improved PHP development workflows by 114% with the introduction of a new VirtioFS — enabling next generation file sharing for macOS users. Get the details and learn how to enable it in this blog post.

Using Containers to Move From Local to Remote Development – Improve your developer productivity by embarking on a journey from local development to container-based development in the cloud. This article shows you how.

Community All Hands

We’re humbled by the over 5,000 Docker community members who made this event possible. If you couldn’t make it to our Community All Hands, fear not! You can still join in and learn at your own pace. Here’s what you missed.

Captain lee calcote

Docker Captain: Lee Calcote

Captain Lee Calcote was bitten by the containerization bug in 2014 while delivering Cisco’s cloud-management platform. Since then, he’s taken Docker wherever he ventures. Get the whole story along with his favorite command, demo, development tip, and DockerCon 2022 predictions.

Educational content created by the experts at Docker:

Getting Started with Docker Desktop – We want to make Docker approachable for every user. Dive in here to learn more about the basics of Docker Desktop, its expanded functionality, and how you can free up more time for app development.

Building a Multi-Container .NET App Using Docker Desktop – Millions of developers take advantage of .NET’s capabilities to streamline development. Learn how to containerize a .NET application using Docker Compose.

Capturing Build Information with BuildKit – In this guide, we’ll highlight a tentpole feature of BuildKit v0.10: new build information-structure generation from build metadata. This allows you to see all sources and configurations passed on to your build.

Using Awesome-Compose to Build and Deploy Your Multi-Container Application – See what Docker Compose does, dive into Docker’s awesome-compose GitHub repository, and learn how to deploy a sample React application with a Spring backend and MariaDB database. 

Five Features That’ll Improve Your Development Experience

Docker Desktop has a lot of powerful functions that make tedious development tasks more enjoyable. Here are five favorites as shared by developers themselves and members of our community.

Announcing Docker SBOM

We’re thrilled to unveil Docker SBOM — the CLI command that displays the SBOM (Software Bill Of Materials) for any Docker image. Learn how this functionality improves trust in the software supply chain through greater transparency.

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