A Birthday Challenge as Docker Turns 8

Mar 30 2021

Docker 8 year birthday

Time flies. Eight years ago Docker was introduced to the world and forever changed the way applications are developed. We have enjoyed watching developers from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe bring their ideas to life using our technology. 

As is our tradition in the Docker community, and as announced during our last Community All-Hands, we are celebrating Docker’s big day with a birthday challenge where Docker users are encouraged to learn some of our Docker Captain’s favorite tips + tricks by completing 8 hands-on interactive exercises. Unlike last year’s challenge, this year as you complete an exercise you not only earn badges but you also earn points based on speed and accuracy which will be displayed on a leaderboard organised by individual score, country score and Captain score.

The challenge is on for the next month and we will announce the winners and award special prizes to the top three individual scores. 

So let’s celebrate 8 years of Docker and let the challenge begin!


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