Docker Datacenter for AWS

Docker and AWS have teamed up to make it easier than ever to deploy an enterprise Containers as a Service (CaaS) Docker environment on Amazon's EC2 infrastructure. Running Docker Datacenter on AWS gives developers and IT operations a highly reliable, low-cost way to deploy production-ready workloads in a single click.

With AWS Quick Start reference deployments you can rapidly deploy Docker containers on the AWS cloud, adhering to Docker and AWS best practices. The Docker Datacenter Quick Start uses CloudFormation templates that are modular and customizable so you can layer additional functionality on top or modify them for your own Docker deployments.

Deploy Docker Datacenter on AWS

  1. Get your free 30 day Docker Datacenter evaluation license
  2. Easily deploy by clicking “Launch Stack” and you’ll be directed to the AWS CloudFormation portal.
  3. Confirm your AWS Region that you'd like to launch this stack in
  4. Provide the required parameters
  5. Confirm and Launch.
  6. Once complete, click on outputs tab to see the URLs of UCP/DTR, default username, and password, and S3 bucket name.

Docker For AWS

An integrated, easy-to-deploy environment for building, assembling, and shipping applications on AWS, Docker for AWS is a native AWS application optimized to take optimal advantage of the underlying AWS IaaS services while giving you a modern Docker platform that you can use to deploy portable apps. Docker for AWS does not require any software installed.

You just need a browser and an AWS account, and can provision Docker in a few clicks. Docker for AWS installs a swarm of Docker Engines secured end to end with TLS by default, and is integrated with AWS Autoscaling, Elastic Load balancer and Elastic Block Store.

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