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Docker Datacenter

Docker Datacenter brings container management and deployment services to enterprises with a production-ready platform supported by Docker and hosted locally behind the firewall.

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Subscription Overview

Docker Datacenter is an integrated solution including open source and commercial software, the integrations between them, full Docker API support, validated configurations and commercial support for your Docker Datacenter environment. A pluggable architecture allows flexibility in compute, networking and storage providers used in your CaaS infrastructure without disrupting the application code. Enterprises can leverage existing technology investments with Docker Datacenter. The open APIs allow Docker Datacenter CaaS to easily integrate into your existing systems like LDAP/AD, monitoring, logging and more.

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What’s Included

Product Features

  • Easy to setup and use

    DDC install, configuration and upgrade process fast and easy. Once up and running, the web admin UI available in both UCP and DTR make configuring storage, certificates and users as easy as a few clicks. The same UI is available for users so they can easily interact with the applications, repos, networks and volumes they have access to.

  • Docker Native with Engine, Networking and Swarm

    Docker Datacenter supports the Docker API and embeds Engine and Swarm into the platform. Docker Compose apps work directly with UCP with a simple docker-compose up command. Users have visibility and can manage apps, networks and volumes across Swarm clusters, maintaining application portability from dev to prod and also across network and storage providers (plugins) and across any cloud (private and public).

  • Built in High Availability and Security

    Datacenter has built-in HA and security features for the application environment. UCP can easily be set up with HA using controllers on multiple hosts. If host failure occurs the system will preserve the state of the Swarm cluster along with UCP settings, accounts, and permissions. TLS is also automatically set up on Docker hosts when joined to a cluster, guaranteeing secure communications. Clients who wish to access UCP, can do so easily with a user-specific client bundle.

  • Integrated Security from Development To Production

    Integrated content security across the application lifecycle through the integration of Docker Content Trust and DTR. Content Trust provides the ability sign images with digital keys and then verify the signature of those images. The integration to DTR exposes the signature status in the UI for developers and IT. Developers can pull signed images, start building apps on top of them and deploy them out to test or prod. With Content Trust activated, the Docker Engines in the environment cannot gain access to or run images that are unsigned.

  • Manage Users and Access Across the lifecycle

    Both UCP and DTR allow you to manage users and teams in the GUI or integrate to your existing LDAP/AD servers and inherit the already defined users and group memberships. Similar to DTR, UCP allows you to provide teams with role-based permissions (e.g. “View Only” to list/inspect containers, “Full Control” to start/stop/delete/view containers) to specific groups of containers. This granular access control ensures that each team has the appropriate level of access.

  • Flexibility and Choice with Plugins, Drivers and APIs

    Datacenter is designed to work with your environments and provides the flexibility to easily adjust any part of that infrastructure. Networking plugins make it easy to use Docker to define how app containers network together while choosing from any number of providers to provide the underlying network infrastructure. Plugins are also available for volumes. Drivers like storage make it easy to connect DTR to storage infrastructure to store images and APIs allow users to take stats and logs out to logging and monitoring systems.

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