Docker Datacenter

Docker Datacenter brings container and cluster orchestration and management that is simple, secure and scalable for the enterprise.

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Subscription Overview

Docker Datacenter delivers Containers as a Service for enterprises to build, ship and run any application anywhere. With an integrated technology platform that spans across the application lifecycle with tooling and support for both developers and IT operations, Docker Datacenter delivers a secure software supply chain at enterprise scale.


Docker Datacenter includes open source and proprietary software, API support, integrations and technical product support with dedicated SLAs. Built on the Docker Engine to deliver a universal, platform agnostic container runtime with built in orchestration, networking and volumes for container based applications. Trusted Registry (DTR) allows organizations to securely collaborate on containers with integrated image security and trust. Universal Control Plane (UCP) delivers simple and secure container and cluster orchestration and management at scale.

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Key Features

  • Fastest Time to Value

    Easy to set up and use, Docker Datacenter provides a simple installation and upgrade process for the system. System configurations like storage, certificates and managing users and images are available in an intuitive web interface.

  • Orchestration and Management at Scale

    Easily orchestrate containers and clustered Engine nodes at enterprise scale with Docker native tools like Compose, Swarm. The point and click UI makes actions like start, stop and scale quick and easy.

  • Built in High Availability

    From the Datacenter components to cluster to application, Docker Datacenter provides high availability (HA) for the complete stack. Docker Datacenter controllers and replicas can be configured in a one, three or five node set up for failover and state preservation. Application HA is provided through container rescheduling to healthy nodes in the case of node failures in a running cluster.

  • Integrated Content Security

    Secure the software supply chain from development to production with integrated image signing and verification with the image registry. IT admins and developers can sign images with Docker Content Trust to ensure the freshness guarantees of images and to prevent old or malicious content from being inserted into the pipeline.

  • Enterprise Access Management (RBAC)

    Integration to enterprise systems like LDAP/AD make it easy to manage user and group access to Docker Datacenter managed repositories and Engines. Granular role based access control (RBAC) combined with labels allow IT administrators to ensure the right level of access and permissions for a project and team.

  • Flexibility and Choice

    Docker Datacenter is designed to easily integrate to your existing systems and processes. As a platform agnostic solution, Docker Datacenter runs on any infrastructure (physical, cloud, virtual) with any operating system with support from a broad ecosystem of partners. From networking and volume plugins to storage and log drivers and open APIs, Docker Datacenter provides a robust platform with the flexibility to customize the platform to your applications and business.

Datacenter Demo

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